Regulation Zones: Alertness Self-Regulation Lanyard Prompts / Flashcards

Zones of Regulation Alertness Self-Regulation Lanyard Flashcards for Children and Young People by Exciting Teacher Double Sided

These flashcards have been designed to support children and young people by using the Zones of Regulation. This is easy to access with the Scribbles Crew and matching vocabulary. 

These Zones of Regulation flashcards are ideal for convenient, accessible, and visual prompts to support children in exploring how they are feeling. Children and adults can easily distinguish between the four colours and their associated feelings.

How could this resource be used?

  • To support emotional regulation.
  • To support emotional literacy and identifying zones of regulation.
  • To support self-regulation.
  • To support a child 1:1.
  • To be used on lanyards as a prompt or as flashcards for easy reference.

Relevant Curriculum Links:

England PSHE – Which statutory PSHE curriculum* objectives does this resource fall into? *in line with the PSHE Association 2021 Statutory Guidance.

  • KS1: H11 – about different feelings that humans can experience.
  • KS1: H12 – how to recognise and name different feelings.
  • KS1: H14 – how to recognise what others might be feeling.
  • KS1: H15 – to recognise that not everyone feels the same at the same time, or feels the same about the same things.
  • KS1: H16 – about ways of sharing feelings; a range of words to describe feelings.
  • KS1: H18 – different things they can do to manage big feelings, to help calm themselves down and/or change their mood when they don’t feel good.
  • KS2: H20 – how to manage and respond to feelings appropriately and proportionately in different situations.
  • KS2: H19 – a varied vocabulary to use when talking about feelings; about how to express feelings in different ways.

Scottish Health and Wellbeing Curriculum Outcome(s):

  • Mental and Emotional Wellbeing:
    • I understand that my feelings and reactions can change depending upon what is happening within and around me. This helps me to understand my own behaviour and the way others behave. HWB 0-04a / HWB 1-04a / HWB 2-04a / HWB 3-04a / HWB 4-04a.
    • I am learning skills and strategies which will support me in challenging times, particularly in relation to change and loss. HWB 0-07a / HWB 1-07a / HWB 2-07a / HWB 3-07a / HWB 4-07a.
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