Snowman Mindful Breathing

Members Snowman Mindful Breathing for Children by Exciting Teacher

A relaxing winter-themed resource to encourage mindfulness and deep breathing for children. This child friendly resource is easy to follow and designed with children in mind. 

Children can start at the top of the snowman’s hat before moving down the snowman tracing the arrows with their finger, breathing in, holding their breath and counting to 3 before breathing out again. We recommend that the child is supported by an adult at first to use this resource but with practice, they may be able to follow the breathing activity themselves.

How could this resource be used?

  • To support with encouraging deep breathing.
  • To be used as a calm down and coping strategy. 
  • To encourage mindfulness from early on.

Relevant Curriculum Links:

England PSHE – Which statutory PSHE curriculum* objectives does this resource fall into? *in line with the PSHE Association 2021 Statutory Guidance.

  • KS1:H18 – different things they can do to manage big feelings, to help calm themselves down and/or change their mood when they don’t feel good.
  • KS2: H16 –  about strategies and behaviours that support mental health — including how good quality sleep, physical exercise/time outdoors, being involved in community groups, doing things for others, clubs, and activities, hobbies and spending time with family and friends can support mental health and wellbeing.
  • KS2: H20 – strategies to respond to feelings, including intense or conflicting feelings; how to manage and respond to feelings appropriately and proportionately in different situations.


Scottish Health and Wellbeing Curriculum Outcome(s):

  • Mental and Emotional Wellbeing:
    • I understand the importance of mental wellbeing and that this can be fostered and strengthened through personal coping skills and positive relationships. I know that it is not always possible to enjoy good mental health and that if this happens there is support available. HWB 0-06a / HWB 1-06a / HWB 2-06a / HWB 3-06a / HWB 4-06a.
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