My Personal Body Boundaries, Consent, Appropriate Touch, Physical Touch

My Personal Body Boundaries, Consent, Appropriate Touch, Physical Touch by Exciting Teacher

‘My Body Boundaries’ is a resource that can be used to support children and young people with being able to create personal boundaries associated with appropriate physical touch.

This resource will help to support teaching about respecting privacy and our body parts.

This is an introductory resource for explaining privacy and appropriate physical touch. It should not be taught as a stand-alone worksheet and should be accompanied by a class discussion where possible.

How could this resource be used?

  • To support exploring privacy and physical touch.
  • To support with building safer relationships.
  • To support a child 1:1.
  • To support all children as part of a class-based discussion.


Which statutory England PSHE curriculum* objectives does this resource fall into?

*in line with the PSHE Association 2021 Statutory Guidance.

  • KS1: R13 – to recognise that some things are private and the importance of respecting privacy; that parts of their body covered by underwear are private.
  • KS2: R22 – about privacy and personal boundaries; what is appropriate in friendships ad wider relationships (including online).

Scottish Health and Wellbeing Curriculum Outcome:

  • Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood –  I am aware of the need to respect personal space and boundaries and can recognise and respond appropriately to verbal and non-verbal communication (HWB 0-45b, 1-45b, 2-45b, 3-45b, 4-45b).

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